you are planning to verify your facebook page and wondering How To verify Facebook page with Blue Tick then you are at a right place.Here I will guide you to verify facebook page and get a blue badge on your business page or your personal page.

If you get Blue tick badge it helps you to get recognized easily by your customers and fans.It makes your page official and more Trustable.Everyone wants to make their page more official and trustable.Facebook has given a good way so you can be known as official after you verify your Facebook page.

This post is all about How To verify Facebook page with Blue Tick and helps you to make your facebook page more official by getting Blue badge.You need to know some details before verifying your page so I am mentioning some of the details that you need to know in this article.

Why Verify Facebook page with Blue Tick?

Above I have mentioned That if you verify facebook page with blue tick you will be known as official so that your fan or customers can find you easily.When someone looks for a page he/she may get tons of pages related to your business page name and can’t decide which is official and trustable But with a blue Tick he can easily be confirmed that the page with Blue or gray tick is an official page I am looking for.

Not only this with a blue Tick you can rank higher in Facebook search than other non verified Facebook page.

Types Of Facebook Verified Badge

You may have seen there are two types of Tick on facebook page some have Blue Tick and some have gray tick badges.if you have no ideas about this then I will give them a short description about two badges blue and gray so you can know what types of Badge you can get on your facebook page.

Blue Badge- The blue badge or tick can only get by the authenticity of pages, international brands, and public figures.This badge Verify That the page is officially run by a brand or public figures.A brand like Nike and famous actors and musicians that are well known among people can get a blue badge on their facebook page.

Gray Badge- The gray badge or tick can get by a business page that may not be famous internationally but has a brand in a specific location.In short, a business page that is run in a specific location but has a well brand in that location can easily get Gray badge After verifying facbook page.

Can my personal page be verified?

yes, you can verify your personal page if you are qualified for a verification badge.sometimes the category you choose while making page can make differs while getting types of the badge.If you want blue badge then you must set your page category to public figure or brand.The category of local business or community can be verified as gray badge.Change your category before submitting for verification so you can get a tick according to your wish.

How To Verify Facebook page

If you skipped to this section without reading above details then you may miss much knowledge you need before Verify facebook page with bluetick.I will recommend you to read all details so you can easily verify facebook page without any problem.If you read all above details then let’s move to Tutorial section.

Before submitting your facebook page for the blue or gray badge you must confirm that you are eligible or not for facebook verification.You can check it from Faq page of facebook page verification.

If you find you are eligible to submit a verification form then you need to consider something that can help you to get fast verify facebook page with a blue tick.

-you need to connect the website to a Facebook page(optional)

-you need to have a plenty of content posted on your page

-you need to write an about and full description

You must know that only a page with a certain category can only be verified.The category includes public figure, brand, company, organization, and local business.

In order to verify your page open your page which you want to verify.Go to your page setting and choose general.Here you can see a options page verification if you are eligible to verify your facebook page.

After you choose or click on page verification you can get a two method for verification.This include verifies facebook page with blue tick through a phone number or a documentation.Here with the phone number, you can verify instantly and get a Badge on your facebook page.if you want to choose documentation method then you need to submit your business ownership proof of a business license or tax bills.

Verify Facebook page With Phone Number- To verify facebook page with blue tick through phone number you need to put your business number that is publicly listed for your business or organization and choose your country with a call language.After clicking on call, you will get a phone call from Facebook with a verification number.just note that code and verify that code.

verify Facebook page with Blue Tick

Verify Facebook page with the document- if you want to verify facebook page with blue tick then you need to submit documents that prove legally you own that business.You can use business phone bill, business license, tax file for verification.

verify Facebook page with Blue Tick

How to verify Facebook Profile?

To verify facebook profile it is a little bit difficult than verifying facebook pages.There are different factors that Facebook see before giving a blue tick on the profile of the individual.There is no any trick to verify facebook profile until facebook verifies you.

if you need to verify facebook profile with blue tick then you must have a lot of followers and you must be popular among people.There is no any method to verify facebook profile.A legal way to verify facebook profile is contacting facebook team with a contact us form on Facebook.After you contact facebook through contact form they will analyze your profile.They will check several factors like followers, popularity and if they find you are eligible then they will verify you within 48 hours to 75 days.

verify facebook page takes only a simple steps but when it get verified your business will boost up your audience can get you easily.They will find you trustable and helps you to make the brand in your business market.Use this awesome features given by Facebook and boost up Your business through social network page.

At last, if you verify your facebook page let me know in the comment box and Use facebook in slow internet connection .If This article helps you share in your profile so your friends can get chance to verify facebook page or profile.

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