How to Use Facebook On Slow Internet

sometimes your internet just slows down suddenly But you need to use facebook.There may be many reasons why you are looking for How to Use Facebook On Slow Internet smoothly.There are two methods from which you can easily use Facebook on slow internet.Those methods are totally effective methods and work fine for everyone.

Facebook is one of the top social networking websites which is dominating other networking sites for decades.There are more than billion users who are using Facebook.With more users, the load time increases you need to have a good and fast internet connection in order to use Facebook properly.

you may have questions on your mind does there are any features that Facebook provide for the user who has slow internet connection.i will try to provide you some question and answer related to  How to Use Facebook On Slow Internet.

You can just skip to a method section if you only need methods for how to use facebook on slow internet.

Can I use Facebook for really slow internet connection?


There are two methods by which you can easily use Facebook in slow internet connection.Facebook officially provide features that facebook can be used in slow internet connection.Not only in slow internet connection you can use in low specs computers where desktop sites don’t work properly or slow down.

I will provide you two methods to use slow connection facebook or facebook slow version.

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Method 1

This method will help you to use Facebook in slow connection.slow connection means very slow connection.This works fines even you have the slow connection in the world this is low bandwidth facebook you can use in slow internet connection.

Facebook switch to basic version

Facebook switch to basic version is a most effective way to use Facebook on slow internet.For this method, you don’t need any apps or software you just need to change something in URL.

How to switch to basic version 

When you open a facebook you got an URL now to switch to the basic version in order to use Facebook in slow internet you just need to change to

Open Facebook in basic version

you can see a basic version facebook picture.

how to use facebook on slow internet

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Methods 2

method 2 is more useful to computer users.For method 2 you just need to change your desktop version facebook to the mobile version.There are no any hard steps to do so you can easily make it happen without any software.

Change facebook To Mobile view

To change facebook to mobile view so that you can use Facebook in the slow connection you need to change URL to or

Use facebook in mobile view

You can also use Facebook in slow connection by downloading apps called facebook lite.You can easily download it from play store.

To use Facebook on the Android phone while you have the slow connection whether you can use or you can download an official application facebook called facebook lite.

I have mentions the best methods on how to use facebook on slow internet.If you have any ideas regarding this topic you can share in the comment section, If this helps you share this article with friends.

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