You are here for open source artificial intelligence software – Have you ever watched movie Iron man where Tony Stark aka Ironman gave instruction to a lady’s voice and His suit works according to instruction. Actually, that Voice is a Jarvis, known as artificial intelligence.And you want Jarvis for windows and want to know how to install Jarvis on windows right!

you are here then I can guess you are planning to make your computer like Ironman suit and want jarvis for may have a question can I really make my computer like that, is it possible to make ? then don’t worry it is possible with an open source artificial intelligence software Jarvis and you can make with just easy steps.That I will provide you.

Before going to actual steps you need to have some knowledge of artificial intelligence. I will try to mention all of the important topics in brief.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.AI have a very wider concept. in this article, we are only talking about voice command by which you can install Jarvis on windows.

Is it possible to make Computer Like Ironman Suit?


you can easily make your computer like a tony stark suit with a software mark II or popularly known as Jarvis for windows.With this software, you can give an instruction or command to your computer by voice and it will do whatever you say.

Before jumping to installing process you need to know about Jarvis requirement.

What is Jarvis?

jarvis for windows

jarvis or MARK II is a Part of AI where you can give a command in the medium of voice and it will convert your command to action. Jarvis is a perfect example of AI.

Why you should use Jarvis?

There may be many reasons behind question why you should use Jarvis.But In my view, you can use Jarvis for education purposes and to take an experience of AI.

Using Jarvis you will fell more excitement and you will not fell bore while using your computer.

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Requirement for Jarvis for windows

There is no actual requirement determined for Jarvis but with a memory of ram minimum 1 Gb it works well.It works for all version of Windows xp/vista/ 7/8/8.2 and 10.But In windows 10 it works best because it was designed for AI-based software.

now let me tell you How to install Jarvis on windows.

How to install Jarvis on windows?

Go to this Link and download Jarvis.



After downloading go to a destination where you download and install it.

it will take about 5 minutes to install all file of Jarvis to your computer according to internet speed.After installation is completed you will see a shortcut on your computer named with MARK II.

Now open a software Mark will connect you with server and satalite and ask you for can choose language us english or uk english according to your choice.

now you are ready to go.Just give commands to jarvis and it will do what you will say.

To Add commands on your JArvis just watch this video and follow all steps.

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