How to increase traffic to your blog:

If you are a blogger then your mind always raise a question “how to get traffic to my blog” right! if you are looking for an idea “how to increase traffic to Your blog” then you are at an extremely right place.Getting traffic to your blog is not a big deal if you have an idea and technique but if you don’t have good techniques and idea then increasing blog traffic is a big deal for you.

This article is all about increasing traffic to your blog and answer the question of how to increase traffic to your blog.

Ways To Increase Blog Traffic:

Different expert has different ideas but I am not an expert or guru to sell you a trick.Below ideas are my personal favorite ways to increase blog traffic and with those tips, I am able to get pretty good traffic to my site or blog and now I am sharing with you.

SEO(search engine optimization)

Article without SEO is totally a garbage for google.If you want to get traffic from google then first you need to do SEO.It is the most important things to do in-order get organic traffic from google.There are two types of SEO on-page SEO and off- page SEO.On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines where as off-page SEO is techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results.You can use Yoast SEO or all in one SEO plugin in order to do SEO.I personally recommend Yoast SEO plugin because it is easy and it gives all instruction that is needed to do SEO.

Social Share

Social share means sharing your articles link to facebook, twitter, google plus, Tumblr and other social networks sites. It is most effective ways to increase traffic and improve the rank of your website in share doesn’t only increase traffic to your website but also it increase domain authority of your website which helps you to improve your rank on a google search.

Use Quora is top forum website with more than 100 million monthly users.Many of us don’t know the trick to drive traffic from Quora to our website.But can you believe you can drive more than 10 thousand daily traffic from Quora and I am applying this trick and getting pretty good traffic from Quora?Today I am sharing this idea with you.First, sign up in Quora you can use google or facebook account to sign up.If You are new to Quora then you need to complete some task.After that, you are ready to drive traffic from Quora to your blog website.Now search a question that is related to your article keywords.

How to increase traffic to your blog


In my case, I am searching for how to get website traffic. Now filter one question which has only a few answers and has more views in short time. Now answer that question by pasting some part of your blog article and leave a link to your post you want to increase traffic by writing want to know more read here.after this who like your answer will go to your site to read your article.Only follow this once a day.if you try to put a link in all question Quora moderator will not allow to give an answer and block you permanently.


Reddit is a social bookmarking site and a great source of traffic.If you want to drive traffic from Reddit than first sign up to Reddit and make an account.Now join subreddit according to your niche category.Here many of us join a big subreddit thinking we will get big traffic but this is totally wrong.A big subreddit have a more post means more competition your link will not visible to one-third of the Redditors need to join a small active subreddit and submit link there.There is great chance of getting traffic from Reddit.

USE STUMBLE UPON is all about stumbling other site and in return get stumble.You do not need to do anything first create an account of StumbleUpon and manage profile.And add a page where you can put your blog link or articles link in stumble upon.Now start to stumble other sites as a return your site will also stumble by others.This social site not only give you huge traffic but also it will help you in creating backlinks.While making account choose interest according to your site niche category then you will find a blog related to your niche while stumbling now on that blogs you can comment and leave your website link which will give you backlink that helps your site to improve rank in google.

So those are my ideas which I used to drive huge traffic to my blog.if you have any ideas regarding this topic how to increase traffic to your blog then feel free to comment your ideas in the comment box.

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