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Download Whatsapp Gold Apk Latest Version (whatsapp gold)

Download Whatsapp Gold Apk Latest Version (whatsapp gold)

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app which allows users to exchange messages using existing phone contacts without having to pay text message fees.Whatsapp is one of the top messaging apps but there is some restriction you cannot do with an official whats app.Using same apps for years feels bad so you are here to download  “Download Whatsapp Gold Apk Latest Version” right.

If you are looking for download Whatsapp Gold Apk Latest Version then you are at a right place.Here I will not only give you a link to download but I will also tell you about what app gold in You can decide whether this app is for you or not.

What is Whatsapp Gold?

download Whatsapp gold apk

You may be unknown about what is WhatsApp gold?Actually whats app gold is a mod version of Whatsapp which provides you many features like the ability to hide your appearance on the Whatsapp, maintain the maximum privacy, provides you with the privacy settings completely, you can control them as you like, you can delete a message, and can send more than 100 photos and many more.

There are many key features Whatsapp gold provides you.WhatsApp gold comes with a complete golden version.many of us just have a confusion that WhatsApp gold is an official version or not?

The answer to this question is actually WhatsApp gold is a mod version means duplicate version with added of some features.There is no relation of Whatsapp gold with Whatsapp official app.Those apps are on the different platform with the same motive.

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You cannot find WhatsApp old apk in play store you can download it from external links.After downloading gold you can have features like watch videos before download, Disable or hide voice call, voice note, and video call, no limit for sending photos and video, send High-quality Photos, Notification, and a lot of themes.

Those are top features but you can do much more with Whatsapp gold apk.Before download WhatsApp gold apk latest version lets have a quick look through features of whats app gold.

Features of Whatsapp Gold

Those are top features that WhatsApp gold can provide in comparison to whats can skip to a download section if you are not interested in features topic but I recommend you to read features i will help you to use apps.

Change appearance

With Whatsapp gold, you can change your status or appearance in Whatsapp.You have a full control whether to show other online or not.In clear, You can show your friends or family you are offline even you are using Whatsapp.

Watch Videos without download

In an official version of Whatsapp, you need to download videos in order to watch.But in WhatsApp gold, you can directly watch videos without downloading in Whatsapp gold.

Unlimited media

With a whats app gold, you can send unlimited media like photos, videos, gifs which seem to be perfect for users but in original whats app, you are not allowed to send more than 100 photos and videos which is disgusting for a user like me.

Control Over Calling

You may be wondering what does control over calling means This means you can control all calling buttons you can hide your calling button and video call button and show if you want.

Bunch of Emojis

If you are using whats app official app you may be using the same emojis over and over but with whats app gold you can use emojis of ios and oreo version emojis on your instant phone.


How To download WhatsApp gold apk  Latest version?

Downloading whats app gold is not hard as you think.Whatsapp gold apk can be downloaded and install like other apps.

step 1 -Download Whatsapp gold apk from Here

Download Whatsapp Gold

Download Whatsapp Gold Latest Version

After downloading from above link you can simply install it like normal apps.If you like have any question regarding WhatsApp gold you can just leave in the comment box and you can stumble with your friends about this latest version.

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