There is always been a debate about the best browser for windows.The mostly topic include chrome vs firefox.These two browsers always compete for the title best browsers.

About 58.4 percent of internet users use Google Chrome as a web Browser whereas only 13.45 percent is using Mozilla firefox remaining percent use safari, opera, edge and many other browsers.With this data, we can clearly Analyze that chrome is dominating All other browsers

But when Mozilla firefox introduces or updates their version to quantum, The debate increases.Firebox made everyone surprise with their update.And with the quantum update, many internet users shift to Firefox quantum from chrome.

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Before Providing you conclusion which is best you need to know about both browser merits and cons.And I will help you to end this debate chrome vs firefox.

Introduction to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google.Chrome was firstly released on September 2, 2008.Firstly, it was only introduced for Microsoft windows later introduced to Linux, mac os, ios, and Android as well.

Until December 2016 it has more than 50%, active users.With this percentage, it has become kind of a web browser.To end debate chrome vs firebox I am mentioning merits and cons of chrome that you can easily compare with firefox merits and cons.

Merits of Chrome

It comes with a default dynamic homepage- mostly people have a problem with setting homepage in a web browser.Chrome is the product of google so google chrome comes with an inbuilt homepage as google.

Easy search- chrome has made search easy.You don’t have to go to search engine and search there.with chrome, you can simply search in the address bar and it will redirect you to the Google search automatically.

Moveable- with your mouse you can easily move your tab at any time.You can make a separate window and can join a tab in the browser.This makes the browser more user-friendly.

simple design and easy to use- Chrome team has made an effort to make a browser so smooth and understandable.It has a simple design so that new user can also easily use it.

Many extension – one of the cool features of chrome is it has developer tool and webstore.At webstore, you can get an extension for free.There are a lot of extension in chrome webstore, that made a user easier to do stuff in chrome.

Popup translate –if you only understand English but you have to visit a Russian website. This pop-up translate will translate that Russian website to any language you want.This is an inbuilt feature of google chrome.

No Crash – Google chrome doesn’t is built with a non-crashable .it will never crash while you are using chrome for your search.

Incognito mode – with this mode you can search whatever you want without saving a search history.It helps in protecting privacy.

sync data- with this feature you can get your data on any computer which has just need to do is sign in on chrome and it will automatically sync your data in that Gmail which you can access from any part of the world.

Cons/Demerits of chrome

Heavy Browser – chrome uses a lot of memory (Ram) that other browser doesn’t use.It is one of the heavy browsers and may not be suitable for a low Ram Spec Computers.

No Warning- if you accidentally close your browser then it will not give any warning and closes all tabs at once.This makes this browser a little bit not user-friendly.

Noncustomizable- compared to another browser like firebox it cannot be customized according to user wish.This makes a user fell non-efficient while using chrome as a web browser.

Privacy concern- it is clear that Google uses users search history and bookmarking for their advertisement.To target interest-based ads they can use your search history.You can say here a privacy concern while using chrome.

Introduction To Firefox quantum

chrome vs firefox which is best browser

Firefox quantum is an improved or tills now best version of Mozilla Firefox.Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and corporation.It was first released on September 23,2002.

it is available for Windows, mac os, Linux, and Android also. it is available in 91 languages. Now let talk about a firebox quantum merits and demerits so, we can compare browser chrome vs firefox.

Advantages of Firefox Quantum

2x faster Than other browsers- Firebox is more faster than other browsers after a new version is introduced.Now firebox has become one of the most fastest browsers.With a quantum Mozilla, Firefox made a great improvement in speed of the browser.

Easily customized- you can easily customize Mozilla firefox according to your wish.You can make it according to your will. customization on firefox make a mozilla as a good browser.You can manually customize firefox browser.

Security- If you are looking for a browser with a best security then mozilla firefox is for you.Mozilla firebox contain a tools that helps you to prevent from virus,phising,exploits to ads blocker.for security reason mozilla is a good browser.

Better privacy- like a google chrome you will not have link of your browser history with google.In simple words google will not able to track your browser history if you are using mozila firefox.

Use less memory usage- compare to other browsers firefox uses less memory so, it is compaitable from low specs computer to very  high specs computers.

Disadvantages of Firefox

less addons/extension- compared to chrome, mozilla firefox has a less extension.User may fell little bit upset for not founding extension that he is searching for.

Delay in update- mostly upadte of mozilla firefox doesnot came on time.It takes time for updating browser.The update version comes little bit delay than other browsers.

Now lets clear a debate of chrome vs firefox and choose the best web browser by using the merts and demerits of both browsers.

Chrome vs firefox which is best

Chrome has more Extension But firefox have better – However chrome may have a more extension than mozilla firefox addons but Firefox have a better quality addons than chrome.MAny chrome extension may doesnot works like waht they write in description.

Chrome is polished and Firefox is Customizeable- chrome comes with a inbuilt features and layouts that you cannot customize as you wish where as Firebox is customizeable browser that you can easily customize and make it a manual browser.

pop up translate in chrome not in firefox- Firefox lack of popup translate feature that you cannot translate webpage according to your wish.Chrome with a pop up translate feature you can easily Translate any language webpage to your language.

Firefox have adblocker,chrome not- Firefox comes with pop up ads blocker which helps user in facing pop up ads.But chrome doesnot have a pop up ads blocker so pop up ads may make user fell that browser non user friendly.

Chrome have privacy concern,Firefox helps in security-Chrome track your search browser history to show ads according to your intrest, which is a part of privacy concern.Your privacy may not a safe while using chrome but firefox helps you to protect  from virus,phising and doesnot track your browser history.


Conclusion for Chrome vs firefox

If you are concern with your browsing history and want some strong privacy then mozilla firefox is for you.But chrome comes with simple design and very user friendly browser with many extension,pop up translate and no crash at all.For a normal user who wants a easy interface browser can use a google chrome.

With this you can easily choose browser what you are comfort with.Lets me know in comment box which browser you like.

This is a conclusion for the debate chrome vs firefox.If you like this article donot forget to stumble with your friends and share it in your social profiles.






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