Music is only a thing all of us love to hear.It can be a different genre and type.It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t like music.You are here, then I can guess you love music and you want to produce music like your favorite producer and you are looking for best music production software right!

Before starting your production you need to have some knowledge about music production and many questions may strike in your mind while making a music.

I will try to give you a short description of music production before jumping towards our main topic best music production software.

A few decades ago there was no software for production they used to play real-time instruments in order to prepare an instrumental.But nowadays time changes music production software known as DAW produce a sound of every instrument in one software.

Who is Music Producer?

A record producer or track producer or music producer is a person or company oversees and manages the sound recording and production of a band or performer’s music, which may range from recording one song to recording a lengthy concept album.

How to produce music?

Producing music is not an easy task.To produce a really good music you need to have a passion for music, Respect, and love for music, creativity as well as few knowledge in music theory.For production, you need a DAW software which stands for Digital Audio Workstation.You can also use a real instrument but for beginners, Daw is a best.

What is Daw?

Daw is an audio workstation where you can get sounds of instruments.Nowadays the use of Daw is popular for every genre of music.many big producers like Alan Walker,marshmello, Skrillex uses Daw to produce their awesome music.

Can I produce a good music?

Yes.if you have love and respect towards music you can produce a music that can eat the whole internet.You must have a passion and dedication in order to produce a good music.

So those are the questions you may have in your mind.Now let’s discuss our topic best music production software.

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Best music production software Free

I will provide you the best music production software that will help you to produce music.


best free music production software

who can forget about the best DAW software or best music production software Fl studio Stands for Fruity Loops Studio.Fl studio is one of the best music production software, especially for EDM music.Alan walker one of the best music producers also use Fl studio.

For beginners to professional fl studio is awesome music production software.Currently, it is only available for windows.but They are making it for mac too.

Fl studio has a three edition fruity, producer, signature, and all plugins can choose and download according to your requirement.The different edition has different features.

Requirement for Fl studio

Operating system- Windows xp/7/8/8.1/vista/10

memory -Minimum 1GB Ram Requirement

Harddisk- 1 GB of Free space required

processor- 2 GHz Intel Pentium and later

Paid download- Click here to download Fl studio

Free download- Click here to download Fl studio


Ableton Live 9


Easy to use perfect for beginners Ableton live is the best music production software.Like an fl studio, it has a good interface so users can easily use Ableton Live.Skrillex king of dubstep uses Ableton to produce his music.From here you can understand how powerful is an Ableton live.

It also has a three edition intro, standard, and suite.Good things about this music production software is it is available for Mac and also it has a windows version too.

According to edition, it has different features.

Features of Intro Ableton Live edition

  • 16 audio and MIDI tracks
  • 8 scenes
  • 2 send and return tracks
  • 4 mono audio input channels
  • 4 mono audio output channels

Features for Standard Edition

  • Unlimited Audio and MIDI tracks
  • Unlimited Scenes
  • 12 Send and Return tracks
  • 256 mono audio input channels
  • 256 mono audio output channels
  • Complex warp modes
  • Audio-slicing
  • Audio to MIDI

Features for suite Edition

  • Unlimited Audio and MIDI tracks
  • Unlimited Scenes
  • 12 Send and Return tracks
  • 256 mono audio input channels
  • 256 mono audio output channels
  • Complex warp modes
  • Audio-slicing
  • Audio to MIDI
  • Max for Live

If you like this software then check out system requirements

operating system- Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 or later, or PC with Windows 7 or later

Memory – 4 GB RAM

processor – multi-core processor

HardDisk –

  • Live 9 Suite: 55 GB free disk space
  • Live 9 Standard: 12 GB free disk space
  • Live 9 Intro: 6 GB free disk space

Paid download- Click here to download Ableton live

Free download – Click here to download Ableton live



With a daily millions user, Cubase is a popular Digital audio workstation used by different genre music producers.It is the full pack for beginners who want to produce really good music.

Like other DAW software, Cubase is also the best music production software.It also has three bang edition Cubase pro, Cubase artist and Cubase elements with their different features.

Cubase supports windows and mac as the operating system.

System Requirement

Operating system- mac/windows 7 and windows 8

memory – Minimum 2 Gb of Ram Required

Harddisk -8 Gb of free space Required

processor- Intel Dual Core Processor

Paid Download – Click here to download Cubase

Free Download – Click here to download Cubase


Cakewalk Sonar

A very professional Digital audio workstation software and known for best music production software Cakewalk sonar is very powerful DAW.It is the most complete music production package.

sonar is only available for windows.Cakewalk sonar have a four-edition  Home studio, artist, professional, and platinum.Those have different features.Below are some best features of cakewalk sonar.

Features of Cakewalk Sonar

-A world of instruments

-Integrated tools for superior workflow

-State of the art audio quality and technology

-Versatility that’s perfect for any style of music

Those are the features of Sonar and let’s have look on system requirements

System requirements for Cakewalk Sonar

operating system-windows 7/8/10

memory- minimum of 4 Gb ram

Hard disk- 5 Gb free space required

processor-2.6GHzz or faster

Paid download – Click here to download Cakewalk sonar

Free download – Click here to download Cakewalk sonar


Logic Pro X

If you are a Mac user then Logic pro x is for you.Logic pro x is only for mac.The interface of this software makes you engage in it. Logic pro x is a very powerful Digital audio workstation.

The most producer who runs a recording studio uses logic pro x. As I said Logic pro x is made only for mac.Logic Pro is just the best music production software you need to have if you own a mac.

system requirement for Logic Pro x

operating system- os X v10.9.5 or later

memory-Minimum of 4 Gb Ram

Harddisk- 6 Gb Of free space

Processor- Intel dual-core processor or later

Paid Download – Click here to download Logic Pro X

Free Download – Click here to download Logic Pro X


After you choose Best Music production software for you.Here you need to understand how to get started.I will try to provide you tips so you can easily start with music production software you choose.

How to Get Started with Music Production Sofware?

After opening DAW you will not understand where to go.First, you need to do is not to get afraid of too many buttons.Daw is just easy to use the Second thing you need to is to watch videos on youtube about the working function of DAw.

Keep in mind if you want to become a good producer you need to have a passion and respect for music.More dedication to music equals to more successful music producer.


From above software, if you are a windows user then I will recommend you to use Fl studio and if you are a mac user Logic Pro X is for you.If you have any questions related to this topic then you can leave it in the comment box.If you are beginners in music production then I will happy to help you let me know you are beginners by subscribing newsletter.


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