I can guess you are here to find how to make a speech like anonymous. In short, you want the anonymous text to speech software right! If you are feeling that making a speech like anonymous is difficult than you are wrong. Actually anonymous text to speech is easy to make if you find a correct method and I am here to guide you to make speech-like anonymous.

Before starting our main topic lets discuss a question you may have in your mind.I will try to tell you important things related to anonymous and text to speech software.

Who are anonymous?

Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. A website nominally associated with the group describes it as “an Internet gathering” with “a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives”.

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What is Anonymous text to speech?

you need to know actually what is anonymous text to speech.There is youtube channel of group anonymous where hacker delivers a message through a method called text to speech.Instead of real voice, they use computer automated voice to prevent their privacy which people called that method an anonymous text to speech.

You can see image below from video screenshot.

anonymous text to speech

Can I make an anonymous text to speech?


you can make a voice like anonymous used in their video.you can use that sound as your wish.Making a sound like the anonymous video is easy,  you need to follow steps that I  provided you below.


Steps to make anonymous text to speech

First, you need to download a software which is only (74mb) in size.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Anonymous text to speech software.

Now install that software on your computer.(don’t worry it doesn’t contain any virus)

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After your installation is complete now  you have to submit a license for software)

Do not worry I will tell you how to submit license and give you a license information too.it takes only 1 minutes and less.

To submit license Go to my computer>local disk C>programfilesx86>cepstral>bin>now click on cepstool.cpl


you can simply search in the search box of your windows with keyword cepstool.

After you click on the cepstool.cpl new window will open like an image below.

After new window opens go to license tab there will need to fill some information.i have already filled it now you can fill with below information. 

Name- www.serials.ws


License key -AA-15F01A-9719E1-EC031E-4C97F2-65ACA8

After filling this information click submit.

Now your software is ready to go now you can make a voice like anonymous speech.

open a software by searching in search menu with keyword swifttalker.


Now go to file and choose new.After you choose new you will find a blank space where you can write a text what you want to make to sound like anonymous speech.

if you want to preview how it sounds you can press ctrl+a at once and play with a button which is in the bottom left corner.

If you decided to save audio to your computer then you can easily export audio to your computer.

To export audio go to file which is in the top-left corner and choose export audio and save to destination or folder where you want.

So this is the quick guide which helps you to change the text to speech like anonymous In windows.but if you want it on your android phone don’t worry I am here to help you.

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How to make anonymous text to speech on Android?

you may be wondering can I really make the anonymous voice in android and answer to this question is yes.There is a simple app which helps you to make anonymous text to speech on android.But how I will provide you ideas to make it happen right now.

Download an app from play store named “Narrator’s Voice”.You can download from this Link

Install narrator’s voice app on your android phone and open it.

Now go to configuration and choose a voice of Dave(UK)

Now go back and type a text which you want to convert to anonymous speech.

if you want to save it on your android phone then click on file button and give a name you want and simply click ok.

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Boom you did it! now you can use that sound anywhere you want.
If you feel any problems regarding this article while downloading, installing you can leave it in comment box.i will provide you solution.If you like this guide you can stumble it and share it anywhere you want.

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